goobuntulogo这个应该可以载入Digg.com的编年史,并将永远成为Digger的笑话. 一条2006年1月份的一条有关Google操作系统的乳摸竟然登上了Digg的首页,并被挖了886次(截至写这句话为止).这条新闻的内容是Google正在开发自己的Linux发行版Goobuntu,问题是该新闻早已被Google矢口否认,何况今天是2007年8月26日.其他内容还好,这样的一条距今已经一年半的假消息竟然登上Digg首页实在让人有点费解.


**沙发:**There may still be hope for getting Linux mainstream. Love it in my servers and laptop, more people will soon.(显然是不明所以的小伙,被无情地埋葬了)

**板凳:**bleh… look at the date: Published Tuesday 31st January 2006 13:46 GMT(+187)

**地板:**God fuck you people who dugg this are stupid, look at the date? Since this posting it’s been denied that they’re doing it, it’s used internally.(愤怒了~~~)


**1.**Welcome to 2006!!!(欢迎欢迎,啪啪!!)

**2.**This is old

   The worst kind of old

   The Ye old kind(排比句用的不错)

**3.**I wonder how many people dugg the people saying this was inaccurate, and then digg the story anyway.(非常好的问题,相信有很多是这样做的)

**4.**In other news, Window’s Vista is slated to be released late January 2007.(漂亮的反讽)

**5.**See this is what digg is all about, Too many people who just digg stories just beause it got their favorite keyword in title. ‘Google, Linux, etc.

And then there are a tons of Apple fan boys who will digg anything Apple. so far 404 people digg this story @. that means there are 404 or more people just digg stories without reading the story at all for Google. I say about 900 people for the Apple.(基本上说出了问题的关键所在.从这里我们也可以看出,很多人是因为这条新闻出现在Digg首页太离谱才挖的)

**6.**I’ve lost all faith in digg after seeing that this article made the front page.(我想很多人和你抱有同样的看法)